28 Touristic District Safaga Road, Hurghada Red Sea

About us

Biscay Compound Somabay

Freehold properties in one of the most luxurious destinations on the Red Sea – Soma Bay.

The dream of having a unit overlooking the Red Sea in a place where luxury, safety, fun and relaxation meet for you, Biscay Soma Bay Red Sea compound with very high-end services that suit your desire to achieve your dreams.

The unique practical design with precision in implementation and delivery is the main goal that we have achieved thanks to the unique team in which all the characteristics of commitment meet to provide you with the best luxury you deserve in the best location in the Red Sea so that you and your family can enjoy all the features of the unit that you have with us in Soma Bay.

Always you can trust us in managing and implementing our projects at the specified times and with full facilities, basics and additions that give your unit privacy and the wonderful view of the sea to enjoy, relax and relieve your nerves from the burden of work and to have your new home in the Red Sea near all the vital facilities you need in your hands.